What’s this all about?

My name is Lindsay Donaghe and I’ve been through the ringer of body image satisfaction like just about every other woman I know. I’ve gone on the roller coaster of major weight loss/gain (80+ lbs) a couple of times in my life, and now that I’m almost back to my goal, this time I’m getting off the ride.

Since I am actually able to fit in clothes that society deems a “normal” size again, I finally have the chance to play with things, wear pretty colors, learn to accessorize and pull outfits together. It is both exciting and scary to be “seen”. I have found the process be fun after all, to explore the possibilities. The exercise of putting an outfit together scratches that creative, self-expression itch that I had to ignore when I was larger and had far fewer options.

This blog is a companion to a site intended to give me an outlet to share some of that creativity. Here is where I post archive pictures the outfits you’ll see on the site as well as entries about questions I’m wrestling with, wishlist finds on the internet, and other fashion related things that I find of interest.

Am I a fashionista? No. I won’t sell my soul for a designer handbag or label and still have a hard time paying more than $30 for any piece of clothing. As a result I am constantly looking for the best discount sites, scouring Etsy for cool and unique things and visiting my new love: thrift stores.

Will you like everything I put together? Maybe not, but this is all about experimentation, and I’ll never know if something works unless I try it.

As an aside: the main site is built on InstantPage which is a free product offered by GoDaddy.com with any new domain purchase. I am one of primary developers on the team that created InstantPage and so it is my baby and I’m very proud of it. One reason I started this project was to have an excuse to play with it every day. :D