Find – Fantasy Jewelry Box: Costume Jewelry Heaven

I am finding so much temptation online recently it is crazy. If you are a jewelry addict then stop reading this post right now: you will not be able to resist!

I keep finding great blogs to follow like Broke and Beautiful, and they keep introducing me to fantastically dangerous fashion resources like Fantasy Jewelry Box.

If you are looking for glitzy bling, a pop of color, or even some basic metal staples to round out your costume jewelry collection then this is the site for you. I could (and have) spend way too much time just browsing the collections and drooling. I already picked up the fun floral bracelet pictured on closeout for $17 and used a coupon from the page ON the site to get another 20% off of that which more than covered the $2 shipping. The package was delivered quickly too. How can you beat it?

So, don’t say I didn’t warn you if you are suddenly sucked into a black hole of jewelry coveting once you visit FJB. I won’t be held responsible for any sudden manifestations of bangles and statement neck-pieces that find their way into your wardrobe. I’m can’t help it if I’m an enabler!