Find – Lukily Design: Beautiful Jewelry at Beautiful Prices.

There are many many many shops on Etsy and I am no stranger to a large number of them. I am a wishlist cultivator and I have a somewhat impressive purchases list. I would venture to say I’m an Etsy shopping veteran. And with what cred that actually gives me, IMO, one of the best kept secrets there for affordable chic jewelry is Lukily Design.

I have bought 5 pieces in two transactions so far and I love every one of them. They are feminine, original, unique and well made with good materials. The best part is, they are comparatively inexpensive, especially for the quality and style! Prices run anywhere from $12-$35, but most items are in the $20 range and worth every penny. I think the most expensive piece I have was $25. I get compliments and looks whenever I wear one of them.

The prices are good because the proprietor is all the way over in Thailand and can get the materials very cheap there. The one downside is that if you order it will take a while to get your pieces (6 weeks or so) for overseas shipping and there’s a possibility that it could get lost… It actually took almost 3 months for my last order to get to me and both the shop owner and I had declared it lost. He gave me a refund, and I was so disappointed that I wouldn’t get the pieces I ordered. But, surprise, they finally came about a week later and it was like Christmas!!

If you want some beautiful statement jewelry for a great price, I highly recommend Luckily Design. You won’t be sorry, if you can stand the wait!