How I Find Great Deals Online – Part 1

Not too long ago I had a friend ask me to share with her some of my super-sekkrit shopping sources because she had a friend that needed to find an elegant dress for cheap. I wrote up all my favorites, and realized that I should just add this info to my style blog for everyone!

This first post will be about the invite-only “sample sale” sites which are frankly pretty addictive! It’s amazing to be able to get designer clothes for up to 80% of their original cost. I was skeptical at first but after doing some research on items most of the time it seems to be the case (occasionally, especially for shoes, I can find similar deals from other sites, but that’s another post!).

So here are the sites I am a member of. If you would like to join, just click on the invite link and sign up. They are all free, though you will get plenty of emails (unless you turn off notifications).  Also note that the invites may give me referral credits if you purchase something from them, but, hey, you’ll just be helping me make more cute outfits that I can blog about!

Sites I have purchased from:

  1. Ideeli: my favorite site by far – I have bought many things from them and even paid for the subscription to get early access to sales. I browse/drool/covet every day. Shipping is $10 but it covers returns which give you store credit and you only pay shipping once a day no matter how many items you order.
  2. Enviius:  have bought one order but haven’t received it yet… customer service hasn’t responded to inquiry about that so I am reserving judgement, though they usually have interesting things that aren’t totally out of my price budget.
  3. Reverse-Reverse:  have bought a pair of shoes from them before – came quick, no complaints. Actually an interesting mix of stuff on that site.

Sites I follow but haven’t bought from yet:

  • BeyondTheRack:  this site usually has stuff I like for prices I can deal with… just haven’t made the plunge yet.
  • HauteLook: another good one with reasonable prices.
  • BillionDollarBabes:  ditto with BeyondTheRack
  • RueLaLa:  this one varies… sometimes they have crazy expensive stuff even at 80% off, sometimes they have reasonable prices on stuff…
  • Swirl:  this one is a bit like RueLaLa on prices.
  • Gilt Groupe:  this one is for the rich people… but if you’re in the market for a high ticket item, check them out first.
  • EditorsCloset:  this one is like Gilt Groupe – for the rich folks
  • Biva:  this one is more about beauty products and fragrances, but you might be interested…
  • Pure Citizen:  this one is about sustainability and fair trade. Mostly stuff like you might find on with a bohemian vibe but you never know what you might find there.
  • Modnique:  prices on this one are similar to BeyondTheRack but the selections haven’t been as attractive to me for some reason.
  • Fab:  this is actually not a clothes site but a furniture/art/decor design site but they do have jewelry and accessories sometimes.

One site to rule them all:  MyNines: this site actually scours a lot of the others listed above so you can view the deals all in one place. It is a good place to go if you want to search for something specific across various sites (like evening gowns), but you’ll still need invites to set up accounts on those sites buy things from them. Beware of Peppermint Park vendor you’ll see on MyNines… they have some awesome deals but you have to pay for membership and the only way to cancel the monthly charge for the service is to snail mail them cancellation in writing by a certain day in the month (and hope it gets received/processed). I had to do some research to figure out why that seemed too good to be true.

Hope you enjoy your new addictions. I am such an enabler. But it feels so good! I can quit anytime I want.. really… maybe?

Next time I’ll post my favorite monthly and daily deal sites!  Keep an eye out for Part 2. :D

Photo Attribution: Some rights reserved by Search Engine People Blog