My Valentine's Day outfit - red and pink :D
Gathered Wide-Lapel by New York and Co. +
Floral Handkerchief Hem by Ralph Lauren (thrifted) +
Grossgrain Ribbon (a shelf in my closet)
Gigi by Athena Alexander +
Blooming Turquoise by Lukily Design via +

I really love the red and turquoise, an unexpected combo for me. The skirt has some blue flowers in it and when trying to match up a belt in my closet I spied the blue ribbon under a pile of old bags on a shelf. It was serendipity that it matched. I don’t even remember where the ribbon came from. Once I put it on I thought of my gorgeous flower style turquoise necklace I got on Etsy last year from Luckily design. It all came together then.


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