Ethnic embroidered borders are awesome!
Embroidered Shirt via Forever 21 +
Unknown - Black raw silk scarf
Old Navy
Unknown - Made in Italy
VillageBoutique (">Bracelet:
VillageBoutique (
Turquoise pendant by Me +

I LOVE this shirt. I honestly felt kind of out of place shopping at Forever 21 but I was curious enough to go in and see what they had. I couldn’t resist this top with the beautiful colored embroidery, empire waist and the ruffly sleeves. It makes me feel girly. The neckline wasn’t appropriate for work, but I fixed that by wrapping a black scarf around my top and tying in the back for a camisole.

The bracelet is made of antique spoons and has a beautiful floral art-deco design that mimics the embroidery. I love the VillageBoutique shop and have bought several spoon bracelets from them. My necklace is art glass with sterling that I made several years ago and it is still one of my favorites.

The skirt and shoes I have had for many years, but they complimented this outfit well so I dusted them off from the depths of the closet.


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