Desaturated like the skies outside...
Ann Taylor LOFT
TR-909 (thrifted)
Old Navy
Beadwork made by me

Still dreary, rainy and chilly today so I went for another great jacket I thrifted. I love the double-zipper closure on it because you can open up the bottom for when you want to sit without taking off the jacket.

I have been excited about wearing this one for a while but when I tried to pair it up with something today I was really stymied. I needed something with an interesting collar or neckline but all the good pairs for color I had were basics… Finally picked this desaturated plum drape neck tee after about 10 different pairings. It’s not spectacular but it isn’t too bad.

I found this beaded necklace I made in the depths of my jewelry drawer and it matches the shirt really well. Interesting that when I made it many years ago it was much closer to a choker than the low hanging version you see now. Amazing the difference losing weight makes!


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