Time for some Hot Pink to warm it up outside!
Sweater dress, Lillia P via Ideeli.com
Old Navy
Unknown raw silk sash
Micro suede boots, Tahari
Kumihimo made by my mom

Still chilly today so I thought it is a good excuse to bring out the winter clothes for one more go-round. I got this sweater dress for a steal off of Ideeli.com, but it is almost too big for me now. I fixed that by cinching it up with a raw silk sash which has a story of its own…

I hit the mother lode this weekend (literally) on scarves and sashes! I visited my mom and she was going to donate some to charity but asked if I wanted them which was a big “yes”. I started playing with them and she offered to let me go through the stash of them that she wasn’t using. I am so excited that I came away with about 30 and can’t wait to make outfits with all of them! Some of them I remember her wearing when I was a kid and a few, like the sash I wore today, I even wore myself. The colors are definitely 80s but I love them!!

My necklace is another gift from my creative mom for Christmas a couple of years ago. You can’t see it well in the picture but the pendant has metallic magenta stripes that match the scarf really well. She made the cord using the Japanese braiding art: Kumihimo. It has metallic thread in magenta too.

I am so glad that I picked up these hot pink tights off the sale rack at Old Navy. I thought about it for a while, whether I would ever wear them, but for $3 I couldn’t pass up the possibility. And look, they pull the whole thing together!


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