Slightly patriotic and a new haircut
Ann Taylor (thrifted)
Ann Taylor LOFT (clearance)
From my mom's collection (gifted)
Hug Her (red) by Unlisted via +
Red Stained Glass by LingGlass via +

I have been dying to wear my new red shoes I found on They were 30% off because they were the last pair in stock and they are so cute. They’re still a little high for me but I think a good insole will fix that.

I love this Ann Taylor top even though it’s just a little too big for me. The sash, another great item from my mom’s scarf collection helps a bit though. The pendant in my necklace is a great match for the dark turquoise blue in the sash.

And, if you’ve followed my style adventures at all you’ll notice my new haircut and color. I love my stylist at Etch salon, Suzanne Riskin. She always does a great job and it is worth every penny to come out of the salon with a cut that I know will look great and grow out well so I look good in a few months too. I need to learn how to style it like she did though, it wasn’t such a “bob” and looked cute. Maybe I’ll figure it out this weekend.


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