Simple and sophisticated in black and plum

Today we had the aftermath of a cold front coming through last night so it was chilly outside but also beautiful and sunny. There was even snow capping the mountains around the valley which was a startling sight for us.

This light crop sweater was the perfect thing for the almost-but-not-quite-cold weather. It and the plum shirt are from one of my friend Joy Li’s first collections. She makes such beautiful, sophisticated clothes and I am always impressed with the details like the contrast stitching and the slightly bell sleeves that she puts into them. I love to wear her clothes and so glad that I have several gorgeous pieces like these to call my own. Her online store is finally up, but you can check out the website (which I designed/maintain) for more!

I really like these boots as well. They are very comfy even though they are a 3 1/2 inch heel. It’s hard to tell in the pic but they have a Victorian styling to them that is super cute and looks great with tights and skirts too.

I also love this pendant from LingGlass. It’s black stained glass with silver swirls and is the perfect size. I am glad that I have several of her pieces as well to mix into outfits.

As a side note, I missed out on taking my picture yesterday which is a shame because I was all dressed up to go out for hubby’s birthday dinner date. We were running late so I didn’t have a chance to document it. But there will probably be a next time for that outfit. :D


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