Bohemian shirt and jeans
Unknown from Camden Market vendor
Old Navy
Art Deco Spoon by Village Boutique via +
Unknown art glass pendant

Yesterday I didn’t get dressed because I spent most of the day recovering from throwing out my back. Honestly this photo wasn’t easy to take trying to stand up straight either because it is still hurting pretty bad, but I needed to get out today so figured I might as well try.

This is a comfy and casual outfit with one of my favorite souvenirs from my trip to London and visit to Camden Market: my bohemian shirt. I love the style, the flared flutter sleeves and the gorgeous mandala pattern. I actually got a random “nice shirt” comment today when we were out. It is definitely a conversation piece.

I have a cotton cami that matches the green in the shirt pattern almost perfectly and helps finish out the look since the shirt is just a little bit short.

My necklace is one of my many art glass pendants with colors that match the shirt very well. I probably picked it up in Tuscon, but who knows…

The bracelet is the poppy pattern one I wore the other day. It was the easiest to get to and convenience was key today.

My old trusty Dockers boots finish it out. I am always amazed at how much use I have gotten out of them. They are comfortable and just go so well with jeans.


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