Button down with micro-suede tiered skirt
Microsuede Tiered by Max Edition (thrifted) +
Tan Grommet (thrifted) +
Brown wedge sandal by Truflex +
Brass Peacock via ModCloth.com +

I love the cut of this shirt from the Gap. It is old… Found in the depths of my closet from many years ago and I don’t even remember when I bought it. I hadn’t worn it for a while even the last time that I was skinny enough because the top button had come off. I’m actually a little proud because I replaced all the buttons with new, pretty, silver embossed ones the other night. I love the way they look. That is the first sewing I have done in years. Now I’m aiming to try some more!

My skirt is one I have worn before on this blog. Definitely one of my better thrifting finds. Hubby really likes it as well.

The sandals are another “I don’t even remember buying these” from the depths of my closet but they went well with the outfit and were an acceptable heel height for my still tweaky lower-back. I will be so glad when I can walk like a normal person and not an 80-year-old again! It’s not easy to stand up straight to take these photos, either. :S

No bracelets today with the long sleeves but I did get to wear my cute brass peacock necklace from ModCloth.com. The detail on it is awesome and the color went well with the other browns today.


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