Bold red and black color block (not at all pirate-y)
Red Sheer by Collective Concepts via (invite) +
Capsleeve Tee by Studio Joy Li (gifted) +
CJ by Cookie Johnson via Nordstrom Rack
Unknown (thrifted)
Peacock in Red by Seychelle's via +
Etched Birds and Flowers (gifted) +
Brass Peacock via +

I got a package from Ideeli yesterday with this gorgeous sheer shirt that I ordered a while ago. I love the color and the cut of it, especially the sleeves.

Coincidentally I also found these awesome silk cargo pants on the clearance rack at Nordstrom Rack last night. I grabbed them off the rack by impulse on my way to the dressing room, mainly because I was curious if 1) they would fit me at all and 2) what silk pants would look like on me. I honestly didn’t have high hopes but they fit perfectly and are sooooo comfy. I could barely keep myself from rubbing on my legs all day.

My belt was a consignment store find that I thought was kind of over-the-top but couldn’t resist. I think it pulls this outfit together nicely. And since it has the gold-tone buckle I opted for my peacock brass necklace again and a gold and black bracelet my mother in law gave me from a garage sale find.

My shoes are one of the pairs of Seychelle pumps that I stalked for weeks before getting a great price on Amazon. I still need to take them to a cobbler though and see if they can stretch the part that cuts into my pinky toe. The rest of the shoe fits perfectly but that part makes them hard to walk in for any length of time. But the plus side is the red matched the shirt exactly for this outfit!

As much as I liked this outfit and was excited all day to see hubby in it, I don’t know if I can wear it again because his first comment on seeing me was “You look like a pirate!”. Sigh. Talk about making me self-conscious for the rest of the evening. At least he tried to make me feel better later by telling me I was the prettiest pirate around… Not sure if that helped matters or not. :S


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