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Chain maille made by me

I did some closet editing since I’m finally starting to settle to a size I think, and came across this shirt. It was a shirt I bought when I was 70lbs heavier as a wish. It didn’t fit but I LOVED the color, pattern and cut. Boat-necks are flattering on me since I have big shoulders and a well-defined collar-bone, and the block sleeves are great. It was supposed to be inspiration to lose weight so I could fit in it. After I lost about 30lbs it fit ok as a shirt, and now it’s almost a short dress, but with a belt it still works. I still love everything about it.

The belt is another consignment store find. I had to have it as soon as I saw it would fit. Woven belts are so nice because they contour well, and this color was awesome.

The pants were one of those things buried in my closet that I bought many years ago when I was about this size before. I don’t think I ever wore them then, but I think they will get more use from now on.

My shoes are an Ideeli grab. I am a sucker for strappy sandals. They are pretty comfortable except for a spot on the outside of my foot but I think if I wear them a few more times they will “break in”.

I have a bunch of things now after my closet edit to take to the consignment store and see if they will put them up for sale. I am a bit intimidated by it since I’ve never done that before, but if it works out well I think I’ll be doing it more often. The idea of eventually filling my closet only with things I really love and that fit me perfectly is appealing.

I am also considering finding a tailor after the edit. There are some pieces that are too big for me but I still like and I think could be rescued with some basic alterations. That will be an experience too… I will post the results on my blog if I take the plunge.


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