Safari colors for business casual
New York and Co.
Wednesday (thrifted) +
Ann Taylor (thrifted)
Tan Grommet (thrifted) +
Cornflower by Born via +
Brown beaded woven via Phoenix Art Museum Gift Shop +
Tiger-eye pendant by Me +

I am doing some in-person training (as a student) this week and so I wanted to wear something that was casual but a little bit business-like and here’s what I came up with. Since it’s a technical class with a bunch of engineers I figured that I should keep the palette a little subdued, at least for the first day of class (we’ll see about tomorrow!) so as not to scare anyone. They’re used to me dressing up at the office by now but when you’re with a brand new geek crowd it’s best not to make yourself stick out too much if you want to make friends.

Still, I really like the way this outfit turned out. The jacket (which is proving to be a very versatile piece) and skirt I knew I wanted to pair, but the white shirt was a last minute substitution from a more colorful cami and I think it makes the whole thing work.

The necklace is one I made years ago that I found under a pile of stuff when I was cleaning up some old things in my loft. Not sure how it ended up there, but I’m glad I found it. I had to extend it with a silver chain but you can’t tell that under my collar and it pulls in the other colors nicely, including the bracelet which I’m getting more use out of than hubby ever expected.

I am still loving these Born sandals. They could not be more comfortable or cute. I keep watching Amazon to see if they’ll come down in price for other colors. I highly recommend the Born brand.


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