Channeling Summer already
New York and Co.
Everyday Camisole by Sonoma via Kohls +
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I had to work from home today and keep an eye on my son who’s recovering from bronchitis but I still had to get dressed to visit his school for assignments and other errands but went super casual today. I realized later that these are pretty much the same colors I wore yesterday too, just a bit brighter.

The main parts of this outfit (the shirt and skirt) I have had for many years from my previous incarnation at this weight and, honestly, they are probably more for the Summer than Spring. But here in the desert, Spring and Summer are very somewhat interchangeable, at least in what is appropriate dress for the temperatures. It got up to 90 today, so I figure in most other places that qualifies as Summer weather. :D

I haven’t worn these shoes though I got them a while ago. I love the way they look but I’m going to have to do some major fitting to make them comfortable. They were sliding up in the heels in the back and cutting into my toes in the front… I think some strategic padding will fix it but I won’t wear them again till that’s fixed.

I decided not to go for a necklace but just pick some pretty spiral earrings (from an awesome store on Etsy!) instead today. The necklaces just broke up my neckline and my long neck and collar bones are some of my nicer features so I figured I’d show them off un-adorned.

The bracelet is actually new, but I got it at a thrift store so I count it as thrifted. It is sliced leather and really cute and comfy. It’s fun to play with on my wrist.

The hair went up in a pony-tail because I was too lazy to fix it this morning if I was going casual. Too bad you can’t see the pony tail part. You’ll just have to trust me on that one. :D


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