Pink flower dress for Spring
Floral Print by ECI via (invite) +
Silk sash from my mom's collection (gifted)
Pink Leather Roses by NY Leather Rose via +

Well, it’s been a week since my last post. I didn’t have a chance to take any pictures over the weekend, and then realized my camera was really done for when I did have a chance again… Finally got my other “nice” camera (Lumix G1) set up to take some so hopefully I will be back in the swing again for a while.

Yesterday I was talking with some of my coworkers about platform shoes and how I couldn’t really wear them because they made me almost as tall as hubby… They thought that was funny and said I should anyway. That night we went to Nordstrom Rack and these shoes I couldn’t resist. They were only $20 and I have been looking for hot pink shoes. They are super comfy because they’re elastic straps. Yeah they make me eye-to-eye with hubby, but all that much easier to give him a kiss.

I wanted to wear them today and it was a good excuse to debut this pretty dress I got a while ago on Ideeli. I had been avoiding it because it didn’t quite fit me tight enough at the waist but one of my mom’s awesome sashes cinched it up nicely and added a bit of polish. I tried a hot pink sash first, but thought the black looked a lot better because it didn’t break up the nice color block. I put the bow in the back to keep it even more smooth.

My necklace is also one I’ve been looking for a chance to wear. I got it custom made from a nice shop on along with another single red rose pendant and a bonus single hot pink rose that are both bigger than the ones I’m wearing. They are really well made and the leather is super soft. Not to mention they are a great price too. I am glad I got them.

This outfit got a lot of attention today. I had many people, strangers and coworkers comment on it. I guess I’ll consider it a hit!


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