Casual blues for the weekend
New York and Co.
Everyday Camisole by Sonoma via Kohls +
Modern Crop by Ann Taylor LOFT +
Unknown (thrifted)
Gigi by Athena Alexander +
Made by me

This is, I think, only the second time that I remember since I was in elementary school and they forced us to, that I have worn my shirt tucked into my pants. I never thought I looked good in pants when I was larger, at least around the waist, and so, even though I wore jeans a lot, I always wore shirts tunic-style.

The other day I wanted to wear a bright button down shirt under a jacket and it just didn’t look right hanging out so I tried tucking it in and was pleasantly surprised that it looked ok. I didn’t get a pic of that outfit but it will probably come together again. Anyway, it gave me permission to try again today and I think it turned out fine with my new cropped jeans that I picked up on sale for the Summer.

I have had this shirt for years and now it fits again. It is great for warm weather because it is so light and airy. I also like it because you can pair it with so many other colors like the navy cami and the brighter blue necklace I am wearing. The necklace I made many years ago when I was into seed beadwork and had a lot more time and patience. It is a nice piece with sodalite, freshwater pearls, and the high-quality Japanese seed beads. I should wear it more often.


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