Garden Camouflage
Watercolor Ballerina by Ralph Lauren (thrifted) +
Caslon (thrifted) +
Cornflower by Born via +
Pink Leather Rose Pendant by NY Leather Rose via +

I love this dress! I found it on the clearance rack at the consignment store for $8 and tried it on without much hope it would work but it fits perfectly. It must have been meant for me to have survived the consignment store long enough to end up on clearance and then fit me so well. Floral karma or something!

This jacket (also worn for St. Patrick’s), which is quickly becoming one of my favorites, was discovered on the same shopping trip and it couldn’t be much better of a match. Paired with my favorite Born sandals (which I walked all over Vegas in) and the pink rose that was sent as an awesome gift bonus with the necklace I bought from NY Leather Rose accented with a green leaves I made from a bit of ribbon… the outfit just put itself together.

This dress is the only piece of clothing I have that has orange in it. Orange has always been my least favorite color, mainly because it isn’t a very flattering color for me to wear, but since it isn’t next to my face I think it works in this outfit. I love the floral pattern and the cut. I need to figure out some more ways to mix it up this dress in other outfits. I think it has lots of potential this Spring/Summer. If nothing else I can use it to practice my camouflage skills in the nearest flower garden.


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