The Cool Fruits: Plum and Blueberry
Tie-back Cross-Front Jersey by Old Navy via Old Navy +
scarf from my mother's collection (gifted)
Blue Satin Sash by Ann Taylor LOFT +
Hug Her (purple) by Unlisted via +
Poppy Spoon by VillageBoutique via +
Unknown art glass pendant

I realized I hadn’t worn purple in a while so this morning seemed like a good time to try out this dress again. Especially since I had never worn my purple shoes that I got because I loved the red ones I have in the same style. The colors aren’t a perfect match, but close enough.

I used a scarf to add a bit of workplace modesty to the neckline of the dress and pulled the blue out with my favorite satin sash that is getting a lot more wear than the dress it came with.

The plum purple and blueberry blue together are definitely a bright pair, but they work with the color blocking trend this Spring.

My accessories are a pretty art glass pendant that looks either blue or purple depending on the angle light strikes and one of my trusty spoon bracelets from VillageBoutique.

I really love the look of these shoes but they are NOT all-day wear. I put some cushy insoles in which helped when I was at work, but when I ran some errands afterward for an hour and a half I could barely walk at the end of it. My feet suddenly started hurting so badly I had to make a concentrated effort not to rip them off and walk barefoot from the store to my car. I was meeting hubby at a restaurant for dinner and he had to drive to my car to pick me up and drop me off at the restaurant door because I couldn’t deal with the walk. Fortunately, I have the sweetest husband ever and he didn’t mind doing that. Sitting down for a while at supper helped, but I was so happy to finally get home and take them off. It is a shame because I absolutely LOVE the way they look and how they make my legs look. I guess I just can’t deal with more than a 3.5 inch heel though. Wish I knew the secret to making them comfortable!


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