Shimmering in Pewter
Crinkle Tie Sleeve by CINO via (invite) +
Silver Floral by Ann Taylor LOFT +
Woven Taupe (thrifted) +
Cornflower by Born via +
Taupe pearls by me

We have had a cold snap here this weekend and it was still below normal today. I thought it was a good time to break out these, even though they are a bit more Wintery than Spring.

I picked up this skirt for a steal at Ann Taylor LOFT’s after Christmas sale. It fit too well for me to pass up at under $10, but I had a heck of a time trying to find something to wear with it. Bright colors didn’t look right and flat gray just didn’t go with the warm beige tone in the background. Then I saw this pewter metallic top on Ideeli and knew I had a match.

I think the accessories tie it all together nicely with the shoes and necklace bringing out the beige in the skirt and the belt picking up some of the metallic and the beige too. The belt helps make it a little more casual as well so I didn’t look totally crazy overdressed at work. Oh, who am I kidding… I was overdressed anyway… but I don’t really care. I liked the outfit.

Why do I need to “save” nice clothes anyway? If I enjoy wearing them, then who should really care where I wear them to, right? Though, today I ended up not having to weather many strange looks since my entire team was either working from home, sick or on vacation by coincidence. I was the only one of us in the office anyway!


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