Blue to green graduation with twirls
Elle (thrifted)
Kenneth Cole (thrifted)
Guess Jeans (thrifted)
Cornflower by Born via +
Silver Mesh via +
Scarf from my mom's collection

Two of these pieces came from my trip to Goodwill last weekend: the cami and skirt. The jacket I picked up a while back but haven’t put together an outfit with till now. It is a little bit large for me, actually, but the color is awesome. The fun skirt is made for twirling! I really like the way this came together, especially since none of the pieces actually have the same colors in them. The cami had the perfect midtones to bridge the skirt and jacket.

I didn’t have any perfect shoes but my favorite Born sandals worked ok as a neutral/nude (man, am I pale!) with the brights. And I finally got to wear the awesome silver mesh bracelet that I got from Trendenzas. I absolutely love it. Super comfortable to wear, the perfect width, and lots of fun to play with all day (it is the ultimate meeting fiddling toy).

I wanted something somewhat substantial for a necklace and I don’t have any good blue or green statement pieces, but I do have a great scarf! So I wrapped it around itself into a kind of rope choker and it worked out well. Using it that way didn’t show off the beautiful floral pattern on it, but I’m sure I will get another opportunity to wear it a different way.

I am pleased that most of this outfit was thrifted/gifted. It is a cool feeling to know that I can create an outfit out of so many disparate parts. And I always like to think of what the back-story to the pieces are: what the people were like who wore them before, and why they chose to get rid of them… In any case, it lets me build a versatile wardrobe for cheap, so I am hooked. Now if I can just get up the courage to consign some of the things that no longer suit me and let someone else do the wondering.


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