The slightly Bohemian blues
New York and Co. (thrifted)
Paisley silk by Banana Republic (thrifted)
Unknown scarf via Ross
Peacock in Clay by Seychelle's via +
Silver Mesh via +
Butterfly wing pendant

I thought I was going to wear jeans this morning. I wanted to wear this brown shirt I picked up at Goodwill this weekend but when I stood there in my closet I just wasn’t feeling the jeans. I put it near my skirt rack and realized I hadn’t worn this gorgeous silk skirt I got months ago at the consignment store and they made a good match.

The scarf I bought last week at Ross when I found my awesome pink satin Keds and it tied the green and white in the skirt and the brown of shirt nicely. I love the way it drapes too. Very Gypsy-ish.

The shoes are one of the 3 pair of Seychelle’s Peacock sandals I got earlier this year and they are more comfortable than I remembered. They happened to be a pretty good match for the shirt, but they are neutral enough to work anyway.

I wore my wonderful silver mesh bracelet again because I love it. My butterfly wing pendant I have had for years, picked up when I used to go to Seattle often. It is a versatile piece because one side is more turquoise/mint colored and the other is more bright green/gold colored.

I have always had good luck with New York and Co. shirts. They seem to be made for my proportions and usually fit me right in the chest and waist. Sometimes, because the fabric has some Spandex, they gape a little between the buttons right in the middle of my chest, but I have made a friend in fashion tape and that’s no longer an issue. That stuff is one of the best inventions of mankind.

The high collar makes me realize it is about time for a haircut again. I always waffle at this point about cutting it shorter or letting it grow out. I guess I have a few more weeks to deliberate before it gets unmanageable.


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