Hailing Hale Bob
Cold Shoulder Shirt by Hale Bob via ColorMeBlue's shop +
Ann Taylor (thrifted)
Peacock in Clay by Seychelle's via Amazon.com +
Silver Mesh via Trendenzas.com +
Turquoise pendant by Me +

This entry is more than a week old now but I’ve been working on a couple of other projects lately and had a hard time keeping up. I have photos, so maybe soon I will catch back up soon.

I got this great shirt from a style blogger’s new store where she is selling some things from her wardrobe. When I saw it I knew I had to have it because I love the colors, pattern, and the sleeves, and it made it even better that it is a Hale Bob, a designer I always drool over when they have sales on Ideeli, but even then has been too expensive for me. I was happy to find that it fits perfectly, even though it is an extra-small. That was surprising for me since most high-end designers tend to run small, not large, on me. But this one fits great. It’s one of my favorite shirts now!

I paired it with my Ann Taylor olive skirt which goes pretty well with the color in the shoulders of the shirt, and blend with the slightly more brown Seychelles pumps. The shoes get more comfortable every time I wear them. They are great anyway except for that one spot near my pinkie toe where the band hits but it seems to be stretching a little each time I use them. I love the styling and the heel height.

I finished it off with my favorite Trendenzas find, the silver mesh bracelet and one of my favorite necklaces I’ve made with the turquoise art glass pendant. It was a fun outfit. I have worn this shirt a couple more times since this outfit but didn’t get pictures. I need to find some more Hale Bob deals somewhere!


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