Set Up For a Safari
Safari Short Sleeved by xcvi (thrifted) +
Tie-dyed Tiered Sundress by Old Navy +
Leather Wrap (thrifted) +
Kiss at Midnight Mary Jane by Seychelles via +
Brown beaded woven via Phoenix Art Museum Gift Shop +
Taugua Nut Spikey via Phoenix Art Museum Gift Shop +

This outfit almost put itself together, which is a good thing since I needed to go in to the office early today. I saw this dress I picked up at Old Navy a couple of months ago for 6 whole dollars but hadn’t worn yet and this cool safari-style shirt (or is it a jacket?) that I got last weekend at the consignment store and knew I had to put them together.

This belt is another debut that I got months ago but still hadn’t worn but it worked great to define the waist a bit. Then I saw that my still-new favorite Mary Jane pumps matched perfectly, and the cool taugua nut necklace I picked up the last time we went to the Phoenix Art Museum matched both the color and tribal style.

To finish it off my beaded brown woven bracelet, also from the art museum, tied in the brown of the belt. It all came together in less than 10 minutes, which is a record or something! I made it in to work a good hour and 15 min early, and in a great mood with my nice outfit.

I always feel girly with full skirts and can’t help twirling a bit. I thought you might like to see a picture outtake:

Speaking of pictures, one day I will figure out more than one good pose… I just always seem to pick that one out of the many I take every day… I need some modeling lessons!


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