Doubly Kendi Inspired
Faux Wrap by Ann Taylor LOFT +
Bright Striped Wrap by Central Falls (thrifted) +
Gold Panels Chain (gifted) +
Brown wedge sandal by Truflex +
Magenta Ethnic Wooden Bangle via LACMA Gift Shop +
Gold Thin Bangles via, Old Navy, thrifted +
Multi-color Shell Bangle via Old Navy +
Wise via Aldo +

I picked up this awesome bright striped wrap skirt during my consignment store visit last weekend and today it gets its debut! I was looking for a great top for it when I remembered seriously coveting an outfit from one of my new favorite style bloggers, Kendi of She used a safari style shirt-dress as a top with a pencil skirt:

Kendi's Safari + Pencil Skirt outfit I love

Kendi's Safari + Pencil Skirt outfit

I love the whole outfit, the colors, the blousey unstructured top with the clean line of the skirt. And then I remembered my blue LOFT dress that I splurged on in March has a similar shape, plus the color matches one of the stripes perfectly. Thank goodness for fashion tape because otherwise the skirt on the dress would have been too long, but 5 minutes and 6 strips later and voila!

Putting that together with the necklace I bought a few weeks ago after seeing it on another of Kendi’s outfits, it all started coming together.

Kendi's Wise Necklace

Kendi's Wise Necklace

The necklace was an odd purchase for me because I don’t usually like oranges and yellows, but it looked great against the magenta in Kendi’s shirt and it was so inexpensive I couldn’t resist. I’ve been surprised that I’ve already worn it twice now considering it’s not “my colors”, but it works!

I threw on a thrifted belt that I had yet to wear, to break up the lines of the skirt a bit. I added a wrist-full of mixed bangles and decided that even though I have some magenta pumps that really matched the skirt, toning it down with the neutral brown leather sandals was the best choice. Though, I think I need to find some nude sandals… that’s one staple I don’t yet have in my wardrobe that would probably do well to reign me in since I love bright colors so much.

I really like how it turned out: thank you for the inspiration, Kendi! AND LOOK: I have a different pose today! It wasn’t easy, folks… I am still so self-conscious in front of the camera, even though it’s just me and the timer. Maybe one day we will make friends.


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