A Little Bit Bohemian
Batwing Crochet Back by Casual Couture via Ideeli.com (invite) +
Ivory Lace Top by Biatta via Ideeli.com (invite) +
Bohemian Flower by Tsega +
Leather Wrap (thrifted) +
Cornflower by Born via 6pm.com +
Gold Thin Bangles via Trendenzas.com, Old Navy, thrifted +
Wooden Bangle (thrifted) +
Ivory Enamel Bangle via Old Navy +
3 Triangle Fringe via VanityFare on Etsy.com +

I love this shirt. It feels so feminine with the batwing sleeves. I almost bought it on Ideeli once and the sale ended before I took the plunge. Regretted it for a couple of weeks and then they had an encore sale and I jumped on it. I’m happy I did.

I found this necklace while browsing for my latest obsession on Etsy: vintage jewelry. It is so very cool looking and a great size. The fringe is awesome. I was playing with it all day!

This skirt was a closet orphan for the longest time… It has hung there for years and years unworn. I have no idea how I even acquired it. It is an odd color, and doesn’t look right with a button down shirt. It didn’t seem to work with a belt either because of the detailing at the waist. Despite all that I like it and tried many times to pair it with different shirts but never found something that worked until this great batwing came along. Using my new favorite leather sash belt to make a high waist for it seemed to pull it together and give a bit of definition to all that fabric. I am very pleased with how it came out. So much so that I even IRONED the skirt which is amazing because 1) I was already running late 2) I hate ironing and 3) it was a really difficult piece to iron with that embroidery! See the sacrifices I make to look cute?? *Puts hand to forehead and swoons*

Twirling in my skirt
The best part about the skirt is that it is great for twirling. You guys know how much I love to twirl. I had a few outtakes for my photo that captures the amazing twirling action. Enjoy!