Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. Yeah.
Prairie Lace by Tumbleweeds (thrifted) +
Red Lace Trim by Ann Taylor via Ann Taylor Factory +
Tan Cargo Skinny by Bebe +
Blue Satin Sash by Ann Taylor LOFT +
Peacock in Clay by Seychelle's via Amazon.com +
Ivory Enamel Bangle via Old Navy +
Blue Resin Bangle via Old Navy +
Red Lucite Flowers by Vintage, unsigned via The Attic Shop (Etsy.com) +

This outfit comes on a happy day for me. I reached my weight loss goal after 1 year and 1 week on the program. I have lost 75.6 lbs and 120 inches! I am finally where I want to be. *Happy Dance*

I lost the weight by doing the Medifast program through a local clinic. Obviously the program works for me, and now I start transitioning off of the program food and learning how to eat and keep the weight off for the rest of my life. It is very exciting for me after a long road, but it is also starting a new journey.

But anyway, on to the outfit. I found this great shirt on a thrift shop on Etsy. I hadn’t ever bought thrifted clothing from Etsy before but took a chance since it was on sale and cute. It was shipped from Boston but when I got it the tag said it was made in Phoenix. I think that it was coming home to me. :)

It is a little large but cinched up with my favorite blue satin sash borrowed from my cool blue LOFT dress makes it look fitted. I might have used my brown sash belt instead but i didnt think of that till I was at work, and I kind if like the bow. It makes me feel girly.

I don’t know why I picked the red cami other than I am so glad that I found it last weekend. I have been looking for a good red cami for months now and have been amazed at how hard it has been to find one. We went out of town for the day and stopped at an Ann Taylor factory store on our way back and there it was. One more thing scratched off my must-haves list.

I wanted to wear pants for a change and these are some of my favorites. I found them on clearance at Bebe which was an experience just to be able to shope there… That is one of those stores that always seemed inaccessible to me, but I can fit in things there now. And they match my clay Seychelles pumps perfectly.

A great outfit for a great day. :)

* The title is the chorus of one of my favorite songs: “Closing Time” by Semisonic