Dressed-up for the Radio
Empire waist by Susana Monaco via Elan Shop +
Black Satin Sash by Ann Taylor LOFT +
Hug Her (purple) by Unlisted via Amazon.com +
Gold Thin Bangles via Trendenzas.com, Old Navy, thrifted +
Tribal Triangles by Free People +

Sometimes simple is best.

I was asked to do a radio commercial for my local Medifast Weight Control Center because of my success on the program. The commercial is a one-minute spot with one of the radio station’s talk show hosts, Bruce St. James, but they also wanted to do a 4-minute video that will eventually be put on MyMedifastStory.com. They asked me to dress nicely for the video. So here I am, dressed nicely. :D

Susan Monaco DressThis dress was a total bargain. It is similar to my Old Navy purple dress but the quality and details are a significant difference. This one came from a designer boutique that I dropped in on as a lark. Sometimes getting a designer item is worth every penny, especially when you find it on the clearance rack. I love the empire waist and the way the dress fits in all the right places. I had to add a mock-cami to make it a bit more modest for the daytime but it still has some sexy according to hubby, probably because it’s probably the shortest dress/skirt I have.

I got to finish it out with this gorgeous statement necklace I got from the Free People store, another place I shopped guiltily but am glad I splurged on this piece. Bargains are great, but I have learned over the years that when you find something that really really really appeals to you and you pass it up because it’s just a little out of your budget you’ll regret it. There’s a fine line, but experience tells you when to cross it. When you buy things you really love, they’ll be worn more, so you’ll get more value out of it in the long run.

But anyway, the commercials were a lot of fun to make. I met 3 other people who’d lost weight on the program, but I had lost the most at 75+ lbs. It was fun to meet Bruce St. James, especially since I do listen to his show when the opportunity comes along (it airs during my drive whenever I am late for work, which happens too often). And now I am just waiting to hear myself on the radio sometime soon. That will be entertaining!


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