Weekend Blues
Cowl neck tee in purple by Coldwater Creek +
Uneven Hem Patchwork by Desigual via Ideeli.com (invite) +
Distressed Leather (thrifted) +
Brown wedge sandal by Truflex +
Silver Thin Bangles via various sources +
Blue Triangle Mod by Coro via ChelleChic on Etsy.com +

I didn’t really want to get dressed up to go out on Sunday, but I felt like I had to if I was going to go to the trouble of taking a shower. I had to beg Hubby to let me take some pictures, because, really, I am trying to get this blog back on track.

Tilde just doesn't get it...My golden, Tilde, gets so confused when she sees me taking pics, so she decided to photobomb some. Oh well, they might be cuter with her in them anyway. :D

I guess getting dressed at all was a good excuse to debut my latest Desigual skirt that I found on Ideeli a month or so ago. I am really kind of getting a crush on that label. It’s grown on me like Hale Bob. I always said that I didn’t really care about designer stuff, but both of those are very striking and quirky but not so much that they are unwearable and that just appeals to me. It’s kind of like wearing a piece of Bohemian art. Of course, I have to find that art at bargain prices (other than my “anniversary skirt“). Of course, I can barely resist twirly skirts anyway, folks. You know this is true.

Twirling again.So here I am, all stylish for Costco and Whole Foods. And yes, I get funny looks in both places. One woman eating a hot dog at the Costco food court basically dropped her jaw when she saw me and stared at me pushing the cart all the way to the door for the people who count your packages to swipe our receipt with a highlighter. But hey, who says you can’t look nice at Costco? At least at Whole Foods they seemed more jaded: just side glances, but no outright ogles. Maybe they would have looked twice if I’d done a few twirls!