Old and Thrifty = New and Fab
Gathered Wide-Lapel by New York and Co. +
Floral Swing by Jones New York (thrifted) +
Black Rose Buckle Wide Cinch via Lillian's Treasure on Etsy.com +
Black Woven Wedges by Fahernheight via outlet +
Etched Birds and Flowers (gifted) +
Black and Gold Panels by Ann Klein via The Attic Shop on Etsy.com +
Gold Thin Bangles via Trendenzas.com, Old Navy, thrifted +
Red Lucite Flowers by Vintage, unsigned via The Attic Shop (Etsy.com) +

This outfit is mostly thrifted*.  I love it when that happens.  It gives me warm-fuzzies to find these pieces that came from different times and places and makers and pull them into something that looks like it was made to be together.  * I really think of my shirt as thrifted even though I bought it because it has been in my wardrobe so long and there was a time when I couldn’t wear it.  Plus the belt, necklace and bracelets are technically thrifted vintage.

See my cool $10 shoes?The shoes aren’t thrifted but they were purchased for an amazing $10.88 at a wholesale fashion shoe store my friend has been telling me about for months.  I finally got a chance to check it out.  Admittedly the quality may not be there, but for $10 who cares… I have already worn them twice and that’s probably put them through the roof for value.   This pair is actually amazingly comfortable and cute.  I almost missed them too… I had already checked out and was walking to the door when I saw them on a display I had missed.  I had to go back and get them.   I am such a sucker for anything $15 or under.

The skirt I got from a consignment store that is right across the parking lot from where I work.  I had never been in there before but my normal get-out-for-lunch crew somehow forgot about me one day last week and I decided to check them out instead.  Now that I know there is cool stuff there, it’s not necessarily a great thing for my wallet!!

Blowing a kiss to my wonderful readers.Speaking of which, I think I am going to put myself on a buying freeze shortly.  I have managed to curb my daily visits to the fashion discount sites and I think I am finally “done” with Etsy now that most of the “Christmas in July” sales are winding down.  I have reached a closet limit and it’s time to evaluate and get serious on remixing.  I think I am going to do a 30×30 for August.  We’ll see!


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