The Fruit of Procrastination
Puff Sleeve Jersey by 5-7-9 via +
Skyline Ankle Peg by Paige via Nordstroms +
Candy Color Stripes by Liz Clairborne (gifted) +
Hot Pink Platforms by Breckelle's via outlet +
Jayden via +
Purple Enamel Bangles via Cost Plus +
Blooming Turquoise by Lukily Design via +

This outfit was put together in 5 minutes… After about 40 minutes of tearing up my closet to figure out what to wear. The click was ticking and the dismissed options were piling on my bed. I almost just said screw it and threw on a tshirt so no one would think I had even tried being stylish for the day. But somehow it all clicked at the last minute.

I really wanted to wear this new shirt that I picked up online a few days ago for an amazing $4 on and skirts weren’t working so jeans it was… But I just couldn’t figure out what to accessorize it with.

I must have tried 6 different belts but nothing gelled with shoes or jewelry… But then I remembered one of my favorite scarves that my mom gave me and it finally all came together! I could wear my new cool pink shoes from the $10 outlet and one of my favorite necklaces and the bracelet that I got from the same site as the shirt… Honestly, minus the jeans this whole outfit cost about $35 because I got everything so cheap! I love finding deals!

If you hurry there are still some cool things on the Selfish Style site: everything is $10 or under. I got 3 shirts, a bracelet and a pair of leggings for under $30. Truly awesome deals.

Check out the pink platforms!So now for the revelation of the day: I can’t believe how comfortable these shoes are. They are very high for me and I don’t normally like tiny heels but these are surprisingly stable and easy to walk in. I don’t know if I am just getting used to higher heels or it is the way these were made but I had no issues getting around in them at all. I think I won’t automatically dismiss pointy heels that seem too high anymore if I can try them on and test them out, since apparently it IS possible to have sky high heels that aren’t torture devices. This could open up a whole new world of footwear for me. That may be a dangerous thing!


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