Seven years gets me here
Eyelet Wrap by Diane Von Furstenberg (thrifted) +
Tie-dyed Tiered Sundress by Old Navy +
Kiss at Midnight Mary Jane by Seychelles via +
Gold Thin Bangles via, Old Navy, thrifted +
Teal Resin Wide Cuff via Cost Plus World Market +
Blue Drops Choker by Lukily Design via +

This shirt surprised me in a couple of ways. I found it during my last trip to my favorite consignment store and thought it was too cute to pass up even though it was a bit pricy. This morning I decided it was time to wear it and when I was pulling off the sales tag I noticed that it was made by Diane Von Furstenberg. I have seen style bloggers raving over DVF stuff before so it was a pleasant revelation that I actually have a piece now. Especially since that justifies the higher price.

I had been dreaming of green and had envisioned pairing it over my green jersey sundress but when I saw this other dress hanging next to it I was drawn to it instead. I guess the fabric is a bit more of a match for the stiffer eyelet. Funny that I wore it last week, but yay for remixing!

So then came the second surprise… the mad skillz required for putting the wrap on. Honestly, folks, if it weren’t for the fact that I have been tying on a gi and hakama for more than seven years now in my Aikido training I wouldn’t have had a clue how to do it. I did use my hakama knot to finish the bow: it just wouldn’t have worked otherwise. But I suppose you can’t tell anything is unusual about the result, so yay for Japanese knotting!

I’m proud of this outfit simply for the fact that I was able to don it. Hopefully the next one won’t be quite as much of a challenge!


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