Bohemian to the Maxi
Batwing Crochet Back by Casual Couture via (invite) +
Ivory Lace Top by Biatta via (invite) +
Bohemian Pastels by Lapis via Nordstrom Rack +
Tan Leather Tie via Memorare on +
Cornflower by Born via +
Silver Thin Bangles via various sources +
Ivory Enamel Bangle via Old Navy +
Ethnic Abalone Pendant via Disneyland +

I’m not sure this skirt has enough colors in it! I found it a few months ago at Nordstrom Rack on the way out from a trip to find shoes for hubby and he reluctantly let me buy it on the condition that I didn’t have to go try it on. Thankfully, since it’s a convertible one-size-fits-most that wasn’t an issue! The fabric is really smooth, flowy and feminine and the print is so pretty. I even like the orange, which is funny. I have so much more orange in my wardrobe than I ever had before.

I decided to pair it with my favorite neutral batwing top since there was already enough color, and the new leather tie belt I picked up on Etsy recently. The belt is unusual because the ends are flared. I bet it was once a part of a jacket or something… I should find a cool buckle for it, but it looks good tied. I added two of my absolute favorites: the Born Cornflowers (they are perfection in leather) and an abalone shell pendant necklace I got for our Anniversary trip to Disneyland in June. I always get funny looks from Hubby when I buy jewelry somewhere “odd” as if I will never wear it, and it entertains me to see the surprise he has when he notices me wearing it later. I’ve probably worn this necklace 5 times now and it’s only been 6 weeks, so maybe one day he’ll have faith. :D

Walls are good to lean on.I can’t believe Summer is winding down! I feel like I just got enough warm-weather clothes to make it through, and now all the Fall lines are appearing. I suppose that light clothes are never a waste here in Phoenix, though, considering that we can wear Summer outfits pretty much 9 months a year. It’s always more of a challenge to dress up for some cold. I still have about 3 months before it even gets below average 100 degrees. But soon there will be no more vacations and my son will be done with his traveling since school will start again.

Hubby and I had our last evening of two weeks sans-kid, eating at a fancy restaurant and then a movie in the luxury seats at the iPic theater with some cheesecake. I managed to drop some berry topping on my sleeve so now I have to figure out how to clean it. I suppose it was worth it for a bit of quality adult time before the kidlet returns, but cross your fingers for me that it’s not the finale for my shirt. I need if for my remix in August!


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