Everybody's Flirty for the Weekend
Red Flower Scarf by Forever 21 +
Skyline Ankle Peg by Paige via Nordstroms +
Black Woven Wedges by Fahernheight via outlet +
Green Resin Wide Cuff via Cost Plus World Market +
Ivory Enamel Bangle via Old Navy +
Blue Resin Bangle via Old Navy +
Green Onyx Gold Hoops via JanesSwarJewelry on Etsy.com +

Last Thursday we went out to dinner at Scottsdale Fashion Square to celebrate the second-to-last kid-free evening we’ll have for a while. There is a Forever 21 store there and I was allowed about 20 minutes to breeze through before Hubby’s “bored now!” alarm reached critical. Of course that meant I didn’t have time to try on anything, but that’s probably a good thing since the girls that tend the dressing room always give me looks anyway since I’m probably too old to be in that store. Well, so what, I am young at heart.

Cool kids put their hands in the pocketsPig-tails!

And on that note, this shirt was my score for the evening. I can’t decide if it is more 70′s with the big flower or 80′s with the off-the-shoulder design. To make it even more of a throwback, I added some pig-tails. I feel like a kid again because I am probably old enough to have worn this the first time the style was popular, at least if I go with the 80′s thing.

In any case, it was a good excuse to wear my new pretty earrings I picked up from Etsy as part of a Heartsy.me promotion. I do wear earrings but hardly list them because they get hidden by my hair: you only get to see them when I pull it back. You can see my earrings!They are super cute with green onyx and detailed gold hoops. Heartsy is way too dangerous when they get cute jewelry shops for promos.

We went out to dinner and a movie to celebrate our kid being back home and I got a few glances, I think. The only ones I really cared about were from Hubby and he was highly approving. Mostly because he likes these jeans. But he did tell me that he liked the shirt on me a lot more than he thought he would seeing it in the store. I could only get away with this kind of thing on the weekend, but it’s nice to have a few flirty pieces.


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  • http://alishabrandon120410.blogspot.com Alisha

    LOVE this top! Almost got the same one from Forever21 :) Looks great on you!! 

  • dsadmin

    Thanks for the compliment, Alisha, and for dropping by! :D