Who's afraid of color?
Camp Shirt by Ann Taylor via Factory Store +
Pintuck Hem by Ann Taylor LOFT +
Purple Suede Wide via Maybel 57 on Etsy.com +
Best Of by Seychelles via 6pm.com +
Purple Enamel Bangles via Cost Plus +
Green Resin Wide Cuff via Cost Plus World Market +
Painted Amethyst via Francesca's +

I must say that I LOVE this shirt. I think it is my new closet champion. It fits me really well and the color is not only my favorite but also looks really nice on me according to Hubby. It is super comfortable too. I am sure you will be seeing more of it.

I actually wore the shirt on Monday in another outfit that I didn’t get a chance to document, but since I ended up working from home and no one saw me I decided to wear it again today with a skirt I picked up at LOFT with my rewards point bonus: it is chartreusue, folks, I mean, neon lime! I think it glows in the dark it’s so bright.

Just my standard pose, folks, nothing to see here.Yes, I am not afraid of color. I like it, a lot. Neutrals are hard for me, but I am trying… My shoes are a neutral, so I didn’t get all matchy-matchy with those, though I could have since I have purple pumps. I can’t resist with the jewelry though. The resin bangle and the thin purple ones were just too much of a match to not wear. The necklace Hubby helped me pick out at Francesca’s and he likes it so that’s a good enough reason to wear it even though it does go perfectly with the shirt.

I should try to do a whole week of neutrals to stretch my boundaries sometime. I think I must be strange since most people seem to be exactly the opposite in regard to color choices. That’s ok, I guess I am really discovering my style, and that’s what this blog is all about.