What's black and white and red all over?
Half Button-down by Collective Concepts via Ideeli.com (invite) +
Ikat Print by Ann Taylor Loft +
Red Leather Obi via +
Black Woven Wedges by Fahernheight via outlet +
Mumbai by Jewel Mint via Jewelmint.com +
Black Stained Glass by LingGlass via Etsy.com +

It is obvious that I love colors. And I don’t have any qualms about wearing bright ones. Like I said in my last post, I’m more befuddled by neutrals. So I decided it was time to put an outfit together with them. I guess it’s not red all over, but I couldn’t resist a bit of color with the belt. Red seems like the default color to add when you need some for a black and white outfit. I wonder why it doesn’t seem as kosher to add blue or green or purple instead…

I really like the idea of obi belts but forgot how I don’t enjoy wearing this one. It is this a lot thinner leather than I was expecting when I bought it. It is not stiff enough to stay flat when I sit down and I have to flip it up each time I stand up, which is annoying to be fiddling with my clothes all day. The ties are kind of hard to tie attractively because they taper to points which wasn’t obvious from the photos when I bought it. I have made a cute “rosette” tie with them before and the double wrap and tuck with this outfit, though, it’s still not exactly what I had wanted. I need to break down and buy one from Elizabeth Kelly or ManoBello since I have been lusting after them for months but they are both out of my budget. Maybe for my birthday coming soon… Yeah…

This skirt I picked up with the lime green one using my LOFT rewards points, mainly because I have been coveting several style bloggers and their Ikat skirts from Mod Cloth. It’s not exactly the same but I did get a compliment or two on it. This shirt is one I got from Ideeli a while back and I love the style of it. It is a bit sheer, but also a little silky so it can be dressed up or down. This bracelet is my first purchase from JewelMint, and I am surprised that I hadn’t worn it in a picture before because I have actually worn it a lot. It is a wonderful weight and better than I expected quality and it goes great with lots of things.

I have been working a few new poses for the pictures, and sometimes I just have to get a bit silly to drop the inhibitions and try something different than what I’m comfortable with. I tried out my hubby’s favorite pose that he calls “The Thinker”, so that one is dedicated to him. I need to start collecting favorite poses from style bloggers and clothing sites and keep expanding my repertoire. I wonder if they have classes for that sort of thing somewhere: “Fashion Blogging 101″. Maybe I should start a school for aspiring style bloggers. They say the best way to learn is to teach, right??


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