This is dedicated to the one I love.
Ruched Sides Flutter Sleeve by Oatt via +
Abtract Short Flutter by Ally B via Kohl's +
Best Of by Seychelles via +
Purple Flower Wide Cuff via Gulfport Airport Shop +
Lavender Rhinestone Choker via Siren Sword on +

This is my hubby’s most recent favorite outfit. And I bet you can’t guess why. Yeah, the skirt. He likes it because it’s short. Probably the shortest one I have. The only other one I have that might be shorter I wore with a petticoat for propriety. I generally avoid skirts this short, but it was on the weekend, and he wanted to go out so I figured I would dress to make him happy, though it was a crash course in how to walk/sit/exit a car without showing the rest of the world more than they wanted to see.

Just another view...It is funny to me that my shoes alone cost more at the sale price I got them for than the whole rest of my outfit. The skirt I picked up years ago on a clearance rack at Kohl’s without even trying it on because it was so cheap (and then found out later that, well, it was kind of too short!) for $3.95. The top I got from the awesome sale that Selfish Style was having for $7.00. The bracelet I picked up at an airport gift store for $10 and the necklace was an Etsy find for $5. That’s still about $7 less than my shoes. :D

Speaking of those shoes, I had no idea how much I would like them. They just go with everything. I really wanted the nude color but I waited too long and sold out of my size so I “settled” for these instead. I have worn them already several times and they are almost perfectly comfortable (there’s one place a strap rubs on my ankle on my right foot but it’s not that bad). Definitely one of my better shoe acquisitions. It’s always nice when what seems like a compromise or second choice turns out to be the better option after all.


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