Sweet Little Victories
Lace Collar Floral Print by Charlotte Russe +
Blue Jean Button-front by Old Navy +
Leather Wrap (thrifted) +
Cornflower by Born via 6pm.com +
Ethic wooden bangle via LACMA Gift Shop +
Purple Enamel Bangles via Cost Plus +
Ivory Enamel Bangle via Old Navy +
Art Deco Rhinestone via MidCenturyModernist on Etsy.com +

This shirt has a story, but before we go there, I paired it with my favorite shoes, a new vintage necklace from Etsy and a denim skirt from Old Navy. I wish I had had an ivory ruffly skirt instead, but maybe I can get one of those for Fall… A good item for the consignment store wishlist. I fixed my hair a little different with a poofy bun in the back that you can see a little better in the detail pic. I wanted something a bit romantic to go with this special shirt.

I have had this shirt for a very, very long time. It has haunted me in my closet for years. I bought it on impulse way-back-when the first time I had lost most of my weight while breezing through Charlotte Russe, a store that I’d never had the courage to venture in before. Hubby was doing the standard “bored now” alarm when this shirt caught my eye on a clearance rack and he said that I could have it as long as I didn’t have to try it on. This is the game we play when I am shopping with Hubby: he’ll be mad if I wasted money on clothes I can’t wear because they don’t fit, but he won’t wait for me to try them on so I have to bet on my spacial visualization skills, and I have to do it with a 30 second time limit. I can literally hear the Jeopardy theme playing in my head sometimes. It’s a thrill when I finally get home to try on my acquisition and find it a perfect fit, but it’s about as likely as winning by betting on black. This shirt hit on red… at least back then.

It didn’t fit… I loved it, though, and held on to it as one of those “I’ll fit in it someday” items that hog closet space. It traveled with us through a move, and somehow made it back in my closet in spite of all the other clothes that didn’t fit that ended up staying in boxes. Every now and then while I was losing weight I would try it on and see how far I had to go, but eventually it ended up in a corner of the closet I don’t look at much with all the new smaller clothes crowding out the old.

But I have been on a pink and purple kick and so it called to me when I was shopping my closet for this outfit and I and tried it on. Rejoice! It fits! I finally conquered the shirt! I beat the impulse purchase odds! Well, at least several years and many pounds later. Every victory is sweet, though, even the little ones. :D