'RAWR', I say.
Prairie Lace by Tumbleweeds (thrifted) +
Leopard Ruffle Sleeve by Essentials by Milano (thrifted) +
Microsuede Tiered by Max Edition (thrifted) +
Leather Wrap (thrifted) +
Leopard Skin Pumps by Vince Camuto via Ideeli.com (invite) +
Wooden Bangle (thrifted) +
Inlaid Wooden Bangle via Trendenzas.com +
Brown Thermoset Diamonds by Coro via ChelleChic on Etsy.com +

I got a little wild today with my leopard prints. I had a jones to wear my lace shirt and decided it would look cute paired my brown microsuede skirt. I must be thinking about Fall because I am drawn to those colors lately. The skirt is a favorite because it’s so soft and, of course, it’s twirly. When I was looking for a cami I spied this flutter sleeve leopard shirt that called (purred?) to me. And that gave me an excuse to finally wear *the shoes*.

I love my skirt!I needed an excuse… I had started experimenting with animal prints last winter and Hubby kept throwing out the “cougar” card whenever I did. I know he’s not serious but he doesn’t realize sometimes how much little things like that influence me. I had bought these shoes back in March, but I just didn’t dare wear them because of the stigma. I guess I just finally decided to do it today after all. And I’m glad I did. They are really comfortable, though I could have ordered half a size down. And they ARE cute. Really cute. So if that makes me a cougar, well then, RAWR.

He left this morning before I was dressed so he didn’t see my outfit till we met for dinner this evening. He laughed a little when he saw the shoes but he decided pretty quickly that they were cute too. Today is kind of a special occasion for us: the 16th anniversary of our very first date. Things have changed a lot since that day, but I think that I wore a brown skirt that night too. Hubby cooked for me and made a very nice chicken and spaghetti dinner (amazingly good for a bachelor!). I guess it must have been good because we’re still together 16 years later!

So I think my foray into animal prints turned out pretty well after all. Maybe you’ll be seeing these shoes a bit more in the remix. :D


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