Thoughts while thrifting

I hadn’t been to my friendly neighborhood Goodwill in a while so I decided to pay it a visit today. I probably tried on more than 30 pieces of clothing and still came away with a nice haul for $55:

  • 7 shirts
  • 2 skirts
  • 1 pair of shorts
  • 2 broaches
  • 1 bracelet

While going through the racks and fitting rooms I had several revelations:

Sizes are mainly suggestions. I tried on everything from a size 9/10 to a 0 and it was completely random which items fit me. I had a size 4 that fit pretty well and a couple of 7/8s that were too tight. The main lesson learned there for thrifting is that if you are remotely interested in a garment and it looks like it might fit you, try it on anyway regardless of the size. You may be pleasantly surprised if it wasn’t a size you thought you could fit in. Of course the downside is that you might not fit in stuff you would have sworn you could. In the end it balances out, though it does mean you will probably be hanging out in the store a lot longer and may have harder (ie more) choices when it comes time to make the final decisions.

Another, less profound revelation I had was that I could really pull off shorter skirts if I wanted to. I have always mainly chosen knee length or longer skirts but tried on a few much shorter ones on a whim and was surprised that the length actually looked cute, maybe even somewhat awesome on me. Unfortunately the skirts were too small at the waist so I didn’t get them but I am going to keep an eye out for shorter styles now.

And finally pants are the most difficult garments for me to find that suit me. I have made it a quest to add several more to my wardrobe besides the three pair of jeans I have, but I must have a strangely shaped lower half because my success rate with pants is extremely low. Oh well, at least I always do well with skirts, so there is consolation.

So it was an interesting and productive thrifting run. Have you had any interesting insights while shopping?